Fine Art

For this project I used some Chinese and Japanese traditional elements, such as flower, butterfly, wave, and costume etc. I am a big fan of nature, I want to put what I love into my designs.

From this book, I want to convey the festive happiness and the beauty of culture so that bring people with joy and beauty of art.

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The Peony

Inspired by the elements of Chinese traditional costume. Peony has a significant meaning in China. And I think butterfly is a good match with peony, so it is dynamic static integrated. There are red, yellow and green color, which is a good interpretation of the characteristics of Chinese tradional elements.

Wave under the sunset

Inspired by the famous Japanese Landscape painting, the wave element inside Kanagawa wave chart. And the Japanese carp, which are overlapping with each other so that can produce the beauty of repetition. The good combination of scales and waves to let people have the sense of illusion.


Inspired by the Chinese Cheongsam and Janpanese Kimono. And woman’s charing figure.

A Sky Full of Clouds

Inspired by the sunset with the red clouds, sometimes it turns to be gold. The overlapping combination of shapes are constanly changed. So that to compose so many wonderful imagination.


Inspired by the elements of Chinese traditional mask and dragon. I used red and yellow, which are very strong recognition of Chinese festival.